What Happens When You Don’t Report Your Weight; or, Driving Blind

Monday, April 18, 2011
By dreeves

Caution: Blind Driver

Here’s a blindingly obvious insight: if you drive blind you’ll probably drive off the road. Less obvious is that that applies almost as certainly to your Beeminder yellow brick road. Michelle, who has very thick skin (figuratively speaking!) and agreed to let us feature her here, illustrates the point nicely:

Michelle's weight loss graph

It’s a pattern we’ve seen many times with our beta users. If you’re not monitoring your weight, it’s probably creeping up.

The moral is, at the very least, keep reporting! If that’s easier said than done, you might like a scale that does that for you. That’s how we track our own weight. Beeminder has a partnership with the makers of that scale, Withings.com. We’ll be offering it at a discount to a limited number of beta users who commit to a Beeminder yellow brick road. If you want in, use the invite code FANCYSCALE when you get on our waiting list for a beta account.

UPDATE: Beeminder is now open to the public!

ANOTHER UPDATE: We now have streamlined Withings integration! Connect your Withings account in your Beeminder account/services settings. Then go to the goal settings for goals that should auto-update from Withings.

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  • jtd

    This is what happened to me when I stopped paying attention…this definitely convinced me.

  • Melanie

    I love my “fancy scale”! It’s so nice not to have to think about it and just be able to see my graph when I want.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/VU52DTYZFM6EOP7CODGAKJISHA Dave P

    Not related to this post in particular, but the beeminder refresh looks great. Nice work. I especially like the goal pages, e.g. http://beeminder.com/jamuraa/goals/blog

  • http://beeminder.com Daniel Reeves

    Thanks Dave! It’s actually Ruby on Rails now. Lots more in the pipeline but we’re starting with this version that just attempts to Pareto-dominate the old Kibotzer. If you’re a sufficiently fanatical fan you can follow along at http://twitter.com/beemuvi where we tweet on average 1 User-Visible Improvement per day. Normal fans should stick to http://twitter.com/bmndr for just the important stuff.