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Hej venner!

We (Danny and Bee, that is) are on the right (as in “dexter”, not necessarily “correct”) side of the Atlantic Ocean for a bit. Come meet up with us and discuss Beemindery things, like group goals, commitment devices, auctions, and algorithms for participatory democracy?

Meet me in Copenhagen?

Date/time: Tuesday, July 19, 16:30

Bastard Café
Huset KBH
Rådhusstræde 13
1466 København

What brings you all this way?

Well, we have been in Germany this week, where Danny is giving a talk at a seminar on Algorithms for Participatory Democracy. What does that have to do with Beeminder? The main excuse for the talk is showing off Danny’s old work on group decision mechanisms (and especially how we still use it every day in our family). But there’s significant Beeminder tie-in as well because we’re also working up a beta feature for group goals this week. Group commitment devices is sufficiently on topic for the nerds here at Dagstuhl.

Did you say group goals?

That’s right. The feature is in private beta (reply to the latest monthly beemail to get in on it) but the idea is that you still have a single graph but it shows up in multiple people’s dashboards/galleries, multiple people can add data to it, and if it derails, everyone is charged. (Or perhaps we’ll generalize it so you can choose how to divvy the charge? That would also give us the use case of “following” a friend’s graph, where it’d show up in your gallery but you wouldn’t be taking on any risk yourself.)

We’ve wanted this ourselves for a long time for family chores and joint papers and other projects. Have you ever wanted a group goal? If you have a use case in mind, come tell us about it!

Are you done now?