Dogfood Binge

Thursday, October 10, 2019
By Mary Renaud



Imagine how good a manufacturer of dogfood would have to think their dogfood is to eat it themselves! When a company uses the thing they make, especially as part of running the company, it’s called dogfooding.

We’ve been dogfooding Beeminder like maniacs for years, and paying users when we derail on a set of goals related to beeminding Beeminder. And as of right now, we’re getting markedly more maniacal.

Namely, we — the FTBees [1] and some of the other workerbees — are going to cough up when we derail on any goal, Beeminder-related or personal, plus all the goals [2].

“We’re going to cough up when we derail on any goal, Beeminder-related or personal”

And you don’t have to race to catch it first anymore. Now, when any of us derails legitimately, we’re automatically picking a Beeminder premium subscriber at random and sending them an email letting them know that we owe them money! (You’ll be able to cash in via PayPal, credit for more premium subscription time or, if you’re in the US, via check.) We’ll also be posting the derailment payments to our Twitter account (@bmndr) for all to see.

Our main dogfood goal, User-Visible Improvements, has been working smashingly for us since the beginning, and has kept us on the hook since the graph was created in 2011, pushing us to produce 3,156 UVIs and counting. (And making us cough up a full $1k at once on our UVI goal back in 2013. It’s a pretty good story)!

Stay tuned as we continue to complete our Most Important Tasks, eliminate bad habits, and do more pushups. And maybe you’ll be the recipient of our occasional akratic missteps along the way!



[1] FTBees are full-time workerbees, in case that pun was too subtle. We have 3 of those currently, including the founders, and roughly 4 FTEs total.

[2] Some of the meta goals aren’t really things we’re beeminding exactly, just things we’re tracking. Like number of users, engagement metrics, etc. Other things, like blog posts and UVIs and things we’re doing to make Beeminder grow, are in fact high-stakes Beeminder goals. You can tell which are which by whether there’s a pledge on the goal.

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