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Saturday, February 4, 2012
By dreeves

Beeminder task list as part of the AutoFocus system

If you’re a connoisseur of productivity porn then you probably already know about Mark Forster and his Get Everything Done blog. Or you might know his various time management books, the most well-known being “Do It Tomorrow”. He’s also the inventor of the AutoFocus system, which has been featured more than once on LifeHacker.

Forster has long advocated clarifying solid commitments as a core time management principle, so perhaps it should be no surprise that he has jumped on Beeminder with both feet. In fact, over the last several days he has written a series of articles and short posts about Beeminder. This has been a near watershed for us. There’s a decent chance that if you’re reading this now it’s because of Mark Forster!

We already believed that Beeminder was the everlasting secret to personal productivity. That’s why we quit our day jobs so we could try to change the world with it. [1] But having a recognized expert like Forster singing our praises is an amazing feeling. Not to mention the influx of new users that has resulted. We feel like Sally Field at the Oscars.


[1] Data nerds are just phase one!

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  • JD

    I am one of those who is here because of Mark’s various posts at his site…keep up the good work beeminders. I’m jumping in too.

  • Hugo Ferreira

    Congratulations to you all. I think you have a very good product here.
    What get’s me the most curious though is the TagTime code you guys integrated with Beeminder. Doing tracking a “side effect” of you day-to-day actions instead of a deliberate activity is very appealing.

  • Uncliprojo

    Another Mark´s systems practitioner tracking progress with beeminder.
    Congrat. for a very good product –

  • Craig Abbott

    Another of Mark’s followers and Autofocus practitioner for years, and a self-proclaimed data nerd. I really like the way you have worked in the Akrasia horizon – I think that is what appealed to me the most.

  • Ada

    I too am here because of Mark! I like what you’re doing!

  • Joyce Peirce

    I found you via Mark Forster also.  Glad you got linked up.  The two systems fit well together.   I may use Beeminder for other goals as well but the main thing I need right now is to actually USE the awesome system of AutoFocus/Superfocus.  And Beeminder looks like just the thing.  I’m starting out with the freebie to learn how it works this week.  Already made more progress today with to do’s than I have in one day for awhile.  

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