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A bee unveiling a turkey

Today is one week before Thanksgiving in the US. One week is also Beeminder’s akrasia horizon. That means if you would like to stuff yourself silly a week from today, or slack off, or otherwise make your bright red line do the opposite of what it normally does, then now is the time to adjust your commitment dial!

Our apologies to our Canadian users for failing to think to give a similar warning last month. And our apologies for our east coast users, for whom there’s only one hour left to flatten their [red lines]!


If you didn’t see this in time, fear not! It just means you need to make sure to have a couple safety buffer days built up before the holiday.

Final Addendum

It’s now t minus a week till the Monday after Thanksgiving. So now would be a good time to dial your [red lines] back up! UPDATE: Now we have the “schedule a break” feature so you don’t have to remember to dial your graph back to normal again! In fact, please don’t flatten your graph with the intention to remember to unflatten it later.

Final Addendum For Real This Time

First, this used to refer to “the yellow brick road” instead of “the bright red line”. Since this post is pretty evergreen, we’ve updated that. Second, we now have a nice feature to schedule breaks on all your goals in one place.