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We’re excited to announce our official integration with trydeepwork.com! See also the announcement on the trydeepwork blog which is also a pretty brilliant introduction to Beeminder’s philosophy.

Cal Newport’s classic book Deep Work is quite popular with Beeminder users [1], so we predict a lot of you will be into trydeepwork.com. It brings together a little bit of Toggl, Focusmate, Complice, and Spotify into one simple tool, which, incidentally, we are using right now to draft this post! It aims to help you do deep work, minimize distractions, and make the most of your time. It has timers and goals and challenges and analytics and productivity muzak.

But mostly it’s just this: You describe a task, start a timer, and get down to work.

If you’re new to Beeminder, funneled here because of a deep love for deep work, the quick recap is that we’re quantified self + commitment contracts. You set a goal, we graph your progress, and whenever your datapoints cross a bright red line, we take your money. We’re a great antidote to procrastination. If there’s something you want to do, you know you can do, and yet historically you don’t do, then you should beemind it!

“describe a task, start a timer, and get down to work”

What does that have to do with deep work? Maybe you like trydeepwork.com but you keep forgetting to start sessions? Beeminder does not let you forget.

Actually setting up the integration

Beeminding trydeepwork.com is super easy. You need to know your username, which you can find in your account profile on trydeepwork.com. Then you pick whether you want to track total sessions or total hours of work, and you are ready.

For more of a walk-through, with screenshots, see the announcement on the trydeepwork blog.

Ready to dive into the deep end?

Try (beeminding your) deep work (dot com)!



[1] Danny adds: I’m embarrassed to say that I avoided reading it myself for years despite all the recommendations. But I decided to rectify that at the beginning of 2023 and am gradually beeminding my way through it.