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A busy bee coding with a stopwatch

WakaTime bills itself as “dashboards for developers”. It tracks various productivity metrics as you code, which it tracks via a plugin for your editor of choice.

Yes but I use QuackPad Pro++: The Duck-Typed Editor

You’re in luck! Well not you, weirdo. But if your editor of choice actually exists then probably you are. WakaTime has built open-source plugins for over 90 IDEs and text editors, including browser-based ones. They even wrote a native Mac app to track your time in xCode after Apple nixed plugins for xCode.

It’s already popular with Beeminder users (and vice versa, we hear) so we’ve at long last built an autodata integration for it!

It’s about time

Correct, we’ve started with just one of the metrics that WakaTime automatically tracks: time spent programming. That currently includes time spent waiting on compiles and deploys. On WakaTime’s dashboard you can see that broken down.

Ok, how do I use it?

You just head to beeminder.com/wakatime or click the WakaTime logo on the Beeminder front page, and then follow the prompts.

(For the full documentation, check our help doc.)

Once your goal is set up, you just go about your coding day like usual, and Beeminder and WakaTime handle the rest.

Wait, I’m a WakaTime user new to Beeminder!

Welcome aboard! You might want to check out our getting started guide in our Help Docs, and then get yourself signed up. Assuming you’re on board with the commitment device, paying-money-if-you-go-off-track bit, the beauty of an autodata integration is that you don’t normally need to interact with Beeminder once you’ve gone through the process above of setting up your commitment. Just code like normal, WakaTime keeps track of how much time you spent, and Beeminder alerts you if you’re not spending enough time.


Ok, and in case you didn’t actually read any of this and jumped down here for the punchline, just click this button and there’s a decent chance you’ll figure it out as you go:

Mind your WakaTiming!