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A bee on the phone saying 'yeah, dude. i'm totally not gonna make it in next week'

We have once again knocked off what was the highest voted item from our feedback forum: you can now schedule flat spots in your yellow brick road. In fact, you can schedule any change in your road, between arbitrary dates, as long as it starts outside the akrasia horizon. Even more flexible self-control!

There are two things to note about using this feature. (1) If you schedule a break far in advance, you won’t actually see your road change. By default we only show you two weeks into the future. If you want to see your impending break, go to the goal’s advanced settings and adjust the tmax setting to be past the end of your vacation. (2) If you have a break set in the future, and then you use the road dial to change your slope, you will be changing the road only after all scheduled breaks.

“It’s fine to schedule multiple breaks, even if they overlap.”

For example, say I schedule a break in my sugarless days goal for my birthday in October, and then decide next week that my slope is too aggressive and I want to dial back to 4 sugarless days per week. If I only change the road dial, my new rate of 4 won’t take effect until after my birthday. So once you schedule a break you can only change the yellow brick road before then by scheduling additional breaks, or “breaks” (you can schedule harder sections as well). It’s fine to schedule multiple breaks, even if they overlap — the reasonable thing should always happen, like new ones overwriting old ones. (Thanks for putting up with the initial bugs there, and definitely let us know if you find any more.)

Have fun storming the castle!


Thanks to everyone who commented in the uservoice thread, especially Glenn Willen who went so far as to draft a spec!