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The time has come (the fandom said) to talk of many things. Of books, podcasts, and articles. Of victories and stings.

With little further ado other than to point you to our collection of the last 10 press roundups we’ve done, here are all the nice things people have been saying about Beeminder since the last time we did this 7 months ago. (The only not-nice thing we noticed was a confusing Twitter exchange.)

Hover over links for comments and excerpts!

  1. Nice example of using a Beeminder graph to publicly commit to something: xkcd forum user Madge’s posts all include a signature with pointer to a Beeminder graph of their novel-writing progress
  2. Love in the slatestarcodex subreddit comments regarding ADHD
  3. Nice testimonial and review of beeminding steps and calories with a Fitbit
  4. We’re included in a list of startup resources
  5. Programming Myself
  6. Followup post to the above, with long interview with Beeminder cofounder
  7. We’re featured on a shiny new Partners page for Epson wearables
  8. We’re one of 5 apps to tackle the new year’s slump
  9. Creative beeminding of Instagram posting using Zapier
  10. TicTag is a new implementation of TagTime by John Swanson with Beeminder integration
  11. Lots of signups from Patrik Edblad’s Medium post on how to motivate yourself (or see the version on Selfication)
  12. One we missed last time, about connecting Todoist and Beeminder with our API and a personal blog post that mentions using it
  13. Ronan Cannon beeminding blogging
  14. Master Arabic
  15. Another example of pointing to a Beeminder graph to publicly commit to something (in this case getting better at playing Go)
  16. Beeminder as part of a weight loss plan
  17. Beautiful testimonial on Hacker News
  18. Collection of anti-akrasia links
  19. Beeminding studying
  20. Apps to Help In Improving Yourself
  21. How To Easily Read 3 Books a Week
  22. Improve Your Health with Behavior Change Science
  23. 5 Tips on How to Make Your Writing Process Feel Like a Game
  24. We’re apparently the best (if being listed first means anything) habit forming app of 2017, which is a somewhat ambiguous way to put that
  25. Tracking writing goals: Scrivener + Dropbox + Beeminder
  26. Strategies to Fit Learning a Language into Your Schedule (but wrongly claims we do anti-charities like StickK)
  27. How To Read a Texbook
  28. Delightful YouTube review and explanation of Beeminder by Nimble Couch Potatoes
  29. Beeminder and other productivity apps (in Swedish)
  30. We’re discussed or mentioned in a Spanish-language podcast
  31. Blush! We’re a favorite blog of Robby MacDonell of RescueTime
  32. How To Be Successful
  33. Habits: my new favorite form of behavior modification
  34. Response to above on Tumblr
  35. How do I overcome procrastination when I don’t have an external deadline? (Quora answer)
  36. Beeminder Experiment
  37. Why PhD Students Procrastinate and What We Can Do About It (in which the author claims Beeminder transformed them from an amateur to a professional) (original version)
  38. Beeminder discussion in the FreeCodeCamp forum
  39. PutANumOnIt beeminds a highly creative metric for Time Well Spent
  40. More Beeminder discussion in the slatestarcodex subreddit
  41. Brennan Brown on How to Create & Plan Better (Using the Internet and Bees)
  42. Tiny mention in some tips to stop procrastinating
  43. Beeminder and RescueTime in Russian
  44. Followup to the above
  45. A nice article on akrasia that might be borrowing liberally from the Beeminder blog
  46. Apps That Help Achieve Goals [UPDATE: link died]
  47. How to (90% Automatically) Track Scrivener (Mac or Windows) Word Counts in Beeminder
  48. How to Reduce the Need for Willpower, and Manage What You Have and Medium version
  49. Beeminder cofounder interviewed in a podcast, “Life-hacks, nudges and choice architecture,” along with Richard Thaler of “Nudge” fame
  50. Apps To Help You Lose and Manage Your Weight
  51. Haskell package for talking to the Beeminder API
  52. Alice Gong beeminding her way through a textbook
  53. A nice list and lots of detail about Beeminder from Coach.me: 6 Accountability Apps That Will Skyrocket Your Success
  54. More Instagram love
  55. Limitations of the Beeminder Model (critical but concludes that Beeminder is the best solution that currently exists)
  56. Musings on blogging
  57. Top Educational Apps for Teens
  58. How To Learn New Skills Quickly
  59. Productivity Apps for College Students and Young Professionals
  60. Yay! Floris Kleijne is Halfway to 125k words written in 2017
  61. Ways to Make Writing a Lot More Fun
  62. How I Use Beeminder
  63. New page on Complice about the Complice+Beeminder integration
  64. GTD Revisited
  65. Goaltracker
  66. Top 5 Motivation Tips
  67. Prototype Beeminder Pebble app!
  68. Discussion in the Mr Money Mustache forum
  69. Why Are You Not Doing The Thing You Have To? A Guide to Removing Distractions and Beating Procrastination in Your School Life
  70. Beeminder at the Quantified Self conference
  71. There were also talks and other things on the QS17 program related to Beeminder, with video links coming
  72. Discussion of Beeminder and avoiding cheating on the HabitHelp subreddit
  73. How to get out of “auto-pilot” while at work?
  74. Collection of links
  75. Beetimer
  76. Another example of beeminding reading a book
  77. Time Management
  78. Using Beeminder to practice violin
  79. How To Stop Procrastinating and Start Growing Your Business Today
  80. Beeminder Weight Loss App and Lifestyle Change Tips (well done and fair and pretty funny, despite kind of ripping Beeminder a new b-hole)
  81. Beeminder cofounder Bethany Soule on the “Building Programmers” podcast
  82. Another book-reading goal
  83. Create a Daily Writing Habit with Beeminder and Draft
  84. Something in Russian that includes a nice testimonial from a superfan
  85. Discussion of Beeminder in CollegeInfoGeek’s podcast
  86. A Twist To Your Regular Phone Use
  87. Podcast on education that talks about Beeminder
  88. Minding OmniFocus
  89. How Can Creative Punishments Help Meet Your Goals?
  90. Count Bites, Not Calories
  91. Language Learning Accountability Tools You’re Probably Not Using (not sure if we should be miffed at the “probably not using” part!)
  92. Apps To Change Financial Behavior
  93. My Own Worst Enemy
  94. $2430 Beeminder Pledge?
  95. Side Hustle School Podcast talks about someone who beeminded getting a book written
  96. Less Spockiness, More Alien Fist Fights
  97. Tell Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to update a Beeminder goal (via IFTTT)
  98. Christopher Su’s Akr.asia for automatically beeminding many more things
  99. Finally, we’ll lump together the hundreds of new tweets about Beeminder

Thank you so much to everyone helping spread the good word about Beeminder, not to mention building new Beeminder-integrated tools! (Do holler if we missed a link to something you wrote. We’d like to send stickers to all 99+ of you if you’re willing to tell us your snail-mail address.)

PS: Yet more Beeminder discussion is going on all the time in the Beeminder Forum.