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Another month (or so), another swarm of Beeminder buzz. Since new year’s resolution season just ended we got included in a lot of lists (resources for succeeding in college, resources for MBA students, apps to stay motivated in 2016, top resolution apps, and more apps to keep your 2016 resolutions).

The biggest buzz in terms of sending new users our way was probably an article in Fast Company about how to stop procrastinating. Runner up was James Clear’s essay on akrasia which was all over the internet, citing us for some of the core ideas. For example, Business Insider had a version of it. Sadly the version on LifeHacker omitted the reference to Beeminder.

We mentioned it before but our guest post on the Habitica blog was an important bit of buzz for us.

We got a wonderful testimonial on the wonders of Beeminder, by Silverdrag0n, also mentioned on Slate Star Codex. Silverdrag0n has written some followup posts as well: The Beeminder and the Misfit and The Bottom Line: Writing Output Improved.

Speaking of Slate Star Codex, there’s some good discussion on the SlateStarCodex subreddit about Beeminder.

And two of our favorites, a beautiful explication of the complementarity of Habitica and Beeminder and a beautiful mini-review and testimonial, both from new users.

In David MacIver’s 2015 year in review he mentions that he’s “just quietly using [Beeminder]” (but his wonderful loudness on Twitter seems to be back in full swing).

You should check out the Beeminder-themed abacus bracelet in case they ever get more in stock.

Here’s a third-party tool for pushing Basecamp data to Beeminder.

More MetaFilter love and yet more MetaFilter love.

We got some mentions in a post on setting goals, making personal self-contracts, Groundhog’s Day Resolutions and Plaintext Productivity.

There’s lots of Beeminder love in Lillian’s 2015 year in review.

Beeminder and StickK get shout-outs in this list of language learning strategies.

So much Beeminder love in Malcolm Ocean’s 2015 year in review, including Beeminder pushing Complice to profitability!

As previously blogged, Beeminder’s CEO gave a Quantified Self talk last year.

There’s a detailed write-up on Beeminder as #9 in this long list of weight loss strategies. And a small mention in this huge guide to meal-planning on the same website.

This isn’t very Beeminder-related but there’s a fascinating story about one of the people who interviewed us for the Sources & Methods podcast disappearing in Iran and ending up in an Iranian prison but now safely home.

A bit of love in the Mr Money Mustache forums.

Something in Norwegian.

Beeminding mistakes!

3 common pitfalls that can ruin your writing momentum, by Robby Macdonell.

An old post from Homo Minimus (in Spanish) that we seem to have missed before.