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We’re excited to officially announce our newest integration partner: Clozemaster! We’ve even got the Clozemaster folks themselves here guest-blogging for us to tell you what Clozemaster is all about! If you want to hear us talk about it, head over to the Clozemaster blog for our own guest post.

Hi Beeminder fans! Clozemaster is an awesome way to rapidly increase your vocabulary in the language you’re learning. We wanted to learn a lot of vocabulary fast. Single word and short phrase flashcard apps like Memrise are great, but often left us wondering how the words we learned were actually used. More comprehensive apps like Duolingo are great too, but only take you so far. At some point you simply need to learn a lot of vocabulary to get to the next level.

So we built Clozemaster. It’s a game where the objective is to fill in the missing word for thousands of sentences. You’re always learning in context, seeing how words are used, and making associations with other related words. The Fluency Fast Track allows you to play through sentences in order of difficulty based on a frequency list for that language, so you’re constantly progressing. You review sentences with our spaced repetition system, can get extra practice at any particular difficulty level, and even cloze-read longer texts. Listening practice? Speaking practice? Looking to brush up on challenging grammar? We’ve got you covered. You can also learn on the go with the Clozemaster mobile app.

screenshot of Clozemaster

Clozemaster in action

We’re super excited that Clozemaster can now be integrated with Beeminder. Practicing a language consistently is the key to progress, and we know Beeminder will help Clozemaster users stay on track and take their language skills to the next level. New to Clozemaster? No problem. There are extra paid features with Clozemaster Pro, but you can sign up and play for free. Over 50 languages, thousands of sentences, and now Beeminder integration? You’ll bee fluent in no time.

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