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By popular demand, we’ve now added Fitbit to our growing list of integrations. We’ve had a lot of people ask for this integration, and even a few who have already started automatically sending their Fitbit data to Beeminder with our API (thanks especially to Reto Stamm who helped push us along in getting this officially integrated).

You can choose among five different Fitbit data sets to track: Weight [1], Body fat percentage [2], Steps, Hours Slept, and Active Score [3]. We’ll be adding more datasets to this list soon, so if you have one that you want to see added, let us know in the comments. (UPDATE: we added stairs/floors too. Another UPDATE: and a bunch of other things.)

“Your Beeminder graph will update automatically.”

After you choose the Fitbit data set, Beeminder will go fetch all of your historical data (this can take a few minutes if you have a lot!). Your Yellow Brick Road starts today, so just keep using your Fitbit like you normally do and your Beeminder graph will update automatically.

The first time you set up a Fitbit goal, you’ll be prompted to allow Beeminder to access your Fitbit data; this is a one-time step. You can create a Fitbit-linked goal by selecting “Fitbit” from the drop down when you set up a goal, or create one now:

Create a Fitbit Goal


[1] If you have the new Fitbit Aria scale. Our favorite of course is still Withings though! And not just because that was an affiliate link. Team Beeminder has been using a Withings scale for years and it’s rock solid and still going strong.

[2] See our post on tracking weight for an explanation of why we don’t think it’s a great idea to use a commitment contract to track body fat percentage.

[3] Active Score can be thought of as your total calorie expenditure, normalized by your BMR, as estimated from your height, weight, age, and sex. [UPDATE: Fitbit got rid of Active Score. We now have a bunch of other metrics like net calories you can use instead.]