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Readwise Reader is a powerful tool for “power readers”. It’s like a supercharged read-it-later app, with first-class support for notes and highlights and tags. Now, you can keep track of your Readwise Reader items using Beeminder.

You save things like web pages, PDFs, YouTube videos, Twitter threads, or aim it at an RSS feed or an email newsletter. It collects them all and makes them easy to read on their own. Web pages show just the juicy content you’re looking for. YouTube videos are shown alongside their transcript, for example, and the transcript highlights as the words are spoken in the video. You can click on a line in the transcript to jump right to it. Of course, it wouldn’t be a good read-it-later app if it didn’t save your progress in the video (or anything else you use Readwise Reader for).

As awesome as Readwise Reader is, it’s no surprise that some folks go into a “read-it-later” frenzy. The save rate tends to be higher than the read rate, and that pile accumulates… I’d show you some good quotes about this problem, but they’re somewhere in my later pile. We recently got a note from the Readwise Reader folks that they added some API endpoints for fetching items that are already in your account. Readwise Reader has been sitting near the top of the candidate autodata integration list for a while — and folks have loved our Pocket integration for a while, and Adam’s Readwise Reader had gotten a little overwhelming…

How does it work?

You set a limit for a Readwise Reader location, like Inbox, Later, or Shortlist. If you’re already under the limit, great! You’ll have to stay under the limit each day or pay a penalty. If you’re currently over that limit, Beeminder will set up a goal to get you down to that limit, and then stay under it.

If you want to adjust how long it’ll take to get to your limit, you can do that once the goal is created.

Wait, I’m a Readwise Reader user new to Beeminder!

Welcome aboard! You might want to check out our getting started guide in our Help Docs, and then get yourself signed up. Assuming you’re on board with the commitment device, paying-money-if-you-go-off-track bit, the beauty of an autodata integration is that you don’t normally need to interact with Beeminder once you’ve gone through the process above of setting up your commitment. Just work through your items, either deleting them, archiving them, or otherwise moving them out of the location (your Inbox or Later or Shortlist) when Beeminder yells at you and you’re good.

Ready to dive in?

Beemind your read-it-latering with Readwise Reader!