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RunKeeper! Now with more running! and cycling! and walking! Beemind all the RunKeeper things! Get it while it is hot!

Actually, we’ve had an integration with RunKeeper for over a year now — it was the third autodata source to land on our front page. We’re up to eight now. TagTime was the zeroth [1], Withings the first, GmailZero the second, putting RunKeeper in third place. However, as one of our early integrations, RunKeeper was pretty bare bones. You could beemind mileage (or kilometrage) running and you’d like it. [2]

But the RunKeeper app tracks all sorts of stuff — from running to nordic skiing, and rowing — so we thought it was high time we made the integration a little more useful.

So check out our RunKeeper integration makeover!

You can track the distance, duration, or frequency of your running, walking, cycling, any subset of those activities, or of the union of all your RunKeeper fitness activities. You can also turn this on for an existing Beeminder goal in the settings — just first authorize us to pull your RunKeeper data in Your Account >> Services.

Maybe in another year we’ll expand and pull any data from the Health Graph API — like weight, calories consumed, sleep, and a bunch of other data streams.


[1] TagTime isn’t very user friendly, and it is not a front-page citizen as far as automatic data sources go. It’s actually a user-run script that pushes to Beeminder (instead of Beeminder pulling the data down from a third party). But it was the first data source we integrated with Beeminder in the beginning.

[2] Fun fact: we originally started pulling any activities logged, but that was surprising and confusing to lump together, for example, your cycling and running mileage, so we cut back to the other extreme.