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  • A picture of a cane toad, epitomizing 'unintended consequences'
  • Force Majeure, and a lightning bolt (that unexpectedly zaps you, providing legitimate grounds for pausing your yellow brick road)
  • The Beeminder bee walking down the yellow brick road to akrasia-free bliss
  • Beeminder vs GymPact, Spy vs Spy style
  • Odysseus and the Sirens, by John Waterhouse
  • image of a burning dollar bill
  • bundles of money stacked like dominos
  • brass scales with bees
  • New England Journal of Medicine, a cigarette, Beeminder, a carrot
  • Paul Samuelson
  • Homer with donuts, etc, on the brain
  • An Infinibee with blue glasses
  • Pact logo upside-down
  • Fences on a slippery (snowy) slope
  • A graph of a Pareto frontier in 2 dimensions
  • A graph of a Pareto frontier in 2 dimensions, with infinibees as points
  • A bee thinking about the standard graph depicting loss aversion
  • A bee rejecting a graph depicting loss aversion
  • Silhoutted person entering a yellow and black striped gateway
  • Katy Perry and Elmo saying yes/no to each other