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drawing of vegetables growing below the dirt and their leaves above

With the Fat Cyclist weight loss competition underway, we’re thinking about weight loss a lot. We’ve got some useful posts planned. In the meantime, we have Bethany hating on salad. Enjoy!

A lot of people hate eating their vegetables, but I think what they really hate is eating salads. Salads seem to be the American standard for Health Food. They’re the only vegetable matter that is served in many restaurants.

I’m a vegetable fan, and salads can be super tasty. But they are so much work to make! All those different ingredients and the chopping and the tossing and the dressing. And then — then! — you still have to eat the thing. So. Much. Chewing. And it won’t stay on your fork and you’re using your fingers and they’re getting all greasy from the dressing. And at the last second the lettuce slips a little and hangs there from your lip, half in your mouth and half out.

No wonder people think they hate eating their vegetables! If salad is the only vegetable you know, you’d be over it by now.

Fortunately there’s tons of stuff in the produce section that you will rarely find in a restaurant. If you explore a little you can find tons of nutritious and delicious plant-fibery-things you could be eating. Don’t be afraid to add fat to your vegetables and pan fry them or roast them whenever possible. Roasted cauliflower. Roasted beets. Pan roasted brussel sprouts. Stuffed squash. Broccoli salad. These things are super yummy and nutrient dense. Even better, all these things you can easily stab with a fork!

Further Reading

Next week (or whenever our next blog beemergency day is) we’ll talk about strategies for beeminding your weight. In the meantime, here’s a collection of useful advice on weight loss from the Beeminder Library. Some of these are even written by an actual expert.


Image credit: This adorable picture is from Kid Activities.