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Winning meditation

Guess who’s covered in the Wall Street Journal again! You’re very good at guessing. It may not count as the front page this time (unlike last time) since this front page article doesn’t start talking about Beeminder until after the jump. Also we’re about to demonstrate how little sense of humor we have in our next blog post in which we explain why the article (about how type A nerds are ruining the Ancient Eastern Art of meditation by gamifying it) is All Wrong. But for now we’ll just bask in the prestige of being written about in actual old-timey print.

And then while we’re at it, here’s a roundup of the rest of the Beeminder buzz from around the internet since the last time we did this. I hope we’re not starting to sound like we’re protestething too much or anything but this is honestly everything we came across, good and bad. There just happens to be no bad because apparently we’re that darn lovable. (Seriously, step it up, haters! We really like arguing.)

[UPDATE: We remembered where all the haters are: YouTube comments.]

Actually, ironically, today’s Wall Street Journal article is the most negative thing we know of this time.

But without further ado, here’s the rest of the press roundup! (Things in bold have our noteworthiness / “worth your time to click on” endorsement. Or hover over the link for the gist.)

  1. Another awesome article, since our last press roundup, by Brennan Brown (also the author of two Beeminder guest posts) on “Tracking For Good
  2. Brennan’s Twitter bio is also noteworthy as a way to use Beeminder as a social commitment device as well as a monetary one!
  3. The Huffington Post doesn’t mention us by name but implicitly acknowledges our authority on the concept of akrasia in “3 Steps to Defeat Procrastination and Get More Done
  4. 5 Ways to Gamify Your Writing Process” includes a nice Beeminder synopsis
  5. On Metafilter, someone was looking for other self-employed people’s experiences in goal setting and Beeminder came up (along with other interesting discussion of self-setting deadlines)
  6. Dr Michele Gregoire Gill calls us one of her favorite apps
  7. George Halachev names Beeminder as one of six accountability apps to “skyrocket your success”
  8. Jeni Fisher talks about “The promise of persuasive apps”
  9. Glenn Santos has advice about making self-contracts for personal goals
  10. Bustle mentions us in their article about 13 Strange Ways to Stay Motivated at Work
  11. Technology and the quantified self on The Medical Futurist (Spoiler: even though the article poses the question of whether digital health sensors limit freedom of choice, the article itself definitely comes out in favor)
  12. A post at The Study Life on various online habit trackers
  13. We’re listed on “50 Super Free Resources For MBA Students”
  14. Another mention on Metafilter for our commitment contracts
  15. Beeminder gets some global buzz in Spanish
  16. Beeminder and NaNoWriMo get a mention in a tiny Tumblr post about how awesome we are
  17. We get a mention in this Ultimate Google Calendar guide
  18. Westchester Financial Planning list some apps to help achieve goals on their site
  19. A great thread over on r/Productivity focused on creating accountability, particularly in the context of ADHD
  20. We’re listed as a great resource for entrepeneurs and startups
  21. Money Crashers covers commitment devices to help achieve financial goals
  22. Counselor and life coach Cherie Burgess give us a shout out
  23. If you’re looking for a podcast, maybe iProcrastinate will catch your attention (the Beeminder part starts at around 55 minutes)
  24. S.J. Scott’s Habit Stacking features Beeminder too
  25. Some more international buzz
  26. Interesting discussion about Beeminder (including us chiming in) on Hacker News
  27. We’re listed as one of the five best apps for motivation at work according to Primo Associates
  28. Using Beeminder to track gaming backlogs (we’re super impressed by the self-quantification going on over here!)
  29. This post on Six Steps to a Daily Writing Habit says Beeminder will be your best friend
  30. How about a productivity toolkit?
  31. The Simple Dollar has this list of Five Apps to Build Better Habits (or Break Bad Ones)
  32. More international buzz in an article on how to concentrate
  33. We’re all over the world!
  34. Andy Matuschak has a great post on using Beeminder to create successful habits
  35. A user testimonial on Tumblr about how they made Beeminder really work for them
  36. Hey, Beeminder’s on TV! Look!
  37. In case we didn’t link to this before, we’re one of Garmin’s wellness partners
  38. We’re in print in The Economist’s ideas, culture and lifestyle magazine
  39. We’re also featured in El Espectador
  40. We’re Cameron Harris’s favorite commitment device! Read all about it
  41. A lovely testimonial from Thomas Frank on The College Info Geek Podcast
  42. In German, “Quick Learning Like Tim Ferriss”
  43. Say Goodbye to Bad Habits with These Three Apps
  44. According to CreditDonkey, Beeminder is one of the best apps in health and wellness
  45. Beeminding blogging
  46. Self taught language learner? Languagecoach.io recommend us for learning Arabic
  47. Thomas Frank talks about us around 32m or so in this audio, 10 Years of Small Business Tips
  48. Building better money habits with apps like Beeminder, says Well Kept Wallet
  49. Hacker News: Making motivation hacks finally work with Beeminder
  50. Oh hey, an IFTTT applet for Instapaper!
  51. A great post on using Beeminder well from an experienced user
  52. This review is from 2015, but we’re not sure if we ever noticed it, and it’s worth a read
  53. Brent Yorgey points people at his guest post for us
  54. A new partner: Put A Num On It!
  55. We also work with Github
  56. Learn about habit stacking and how Beeminder might help you with that
  57. …and we get a shoutout from the same site for helping stop procrastinating
  58. We’re bequeathed Student Resource Of The Week in the Yes College podcast (at 32m10s if you want to skip to the good bit — OK, we’re biased, we’re sure the rest of it is great too)
  59. Using Beeminder in language learning
  60. This one’s all about how productivity apps can help improve your overall health in life
  61. Here we’re mentioned in an article about advanced study tips to boost your grades
  62. Beeminder gets a nice mention in this article about recognizing your true purpose
  63. Luke Freeman muses on reward/punishment in goal-setting and achievement
  64. Taskwarrior Pomodoro can link up with Beeminder for more quantification of pomodoros
  65. A review of Complice that mentions Beeminder as well
  66. More New Year’s Resolutions
  67. This one might be old, but it has some great stuff on managing ADHD —  and Marla Cummins totally endorses us!
  68. Put a Number On It has a blog post about committing to a diet plan with Beeminder
  69. A post about Beeminder’s API
  70. A nice post about reading more with the help of commitment contracts
  71. Our own Philip Hellyer has an article with Aidan Ward which mentions Beeminder as a way to get clarity of purpose
  72. Thomas Frank of College Info Geek has come up a few times in this list, and here’s his book, 10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades
  73. Beeminder’s mentioned around 38m09s on another episode of the College Info Geek podcast
  74. A great post about the “four tendencies” personality framework
  75. We’re international again on this blog
  76. College Info Geek mentions us again in a piece on how to break bad habits
  77. Alex Vermeer’s got a piece on how to stop procrastinating right now (but reading any of these links is not procrastination and is good for you, right?)
  78. We’re number 5 in a list of the top ten gamified productivity apps
  79. RescueTime wants to tell you how the people who make productivity apps (including us!) stay productive at work
  80. And as always, Twitter is abuzz with Beeminder love

Whew. Thanks everyone! Let us know if we missed anything, and also if you’re in the above list because we’d like to send you stickers and probably be your new best friends.