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Beeminder and Complice logos (the former as a swarm of bees flying out of Complice's mouth)

[UPDATE: Complice is now Intend!]

Remember back in November when we first wrote about Complice on the blog? We described how nicely Beeminder and Complice complement each other for different goals and different aspects of goals, and described the new ways Complice could automatically send data to Beeminder. Well a lot has changed since then (thanks to extensive use of Beeminder and Complice, of course) and today we’re excited and proud to announce the official Beeminder+Complice integration. You know it’s the real deal because there’s an official landing page.

New Beeminder-friendly features in Complice

Beeminder now proudly occupies the prime hotkey ‘b’, which focuses the Beeminder quick-add box and dashboard for upcoming beemergencies. And there’s a super handy Beeminder widget for the Today page:

Screenshot of the Beeminder widget on the Today page on Complice

This is nice because Complice is designed to be the app you hang out in all day while being productive. It’s your productivity dashboard, complete with pomodoro timer and co-working rooms. So having a Beeminder widget right there on the today page makes it easy to pay attention to the commitments that Beeminder is enforcing, without having to leave your productivity home.

Other things that are new since the November blog post include automatically beeminding the percentage of outcomes you complete each day and beeminding your presence in co-working rooms. Especially the Beeminder co-working room which you can use as a guest even if you’re not sold on the rest of Complice.

But wait, there’s more!

In fact, a lot more. And when I say “wait” I mean for a follow-up blog post next week. That’s when Complice founder Malcolm Ocean will join us here for a deep dive into the really powerful (and quite nerdy) integration features. If you can’t wait, you can get the whole story from the lengthy discussion in the Beeminder forum.

Integration love

Finally, we should apologize for taking so long to announce all this, as it’s been live for a month. On the bright side, that’s been enough time to collect a few real-life, honest-to-god, we’re-not-making-these-up (and written by nary a one of our mothers) testimonials, which we’ll now quote:

  • “All the new Beeminder-features are amazing! I can practically stop loading the Beeminder page completely and just use the service through Complice. Makes it so much harder to miss a Beeminder goal. Very nice!”
  • “This is amaaaazing! The little Beeminder dashboard on the home page is also absolutely amazing. So useful — now I can see all my tasks and goals in one place.”
  • “Effectively, Complice + Beeminder has given me the ability to start putting my life back together. So, thank you for that.”