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Last week we had a reporter contact us looking for examples of commitment contracts involving Donald Trump. She was wondering if anyone uses anything Trump-related as an anti-charity or “as motivation to, say, give more to charity”. The piece didn’t end up happening, but it inspired us to do a press roundup of all the nice (and non-Trump-related) [1] things people have been saying about us. Because it’s been quite a while since our last press roundup 8 months ago. We love press, of course, but we particularly delight in hearing about how people are using Beeminder in their life (especially when they post it on their own blogs because they beeminded blogging). We lassoed all the mentions and compiled them here for your persusing pleasure — including some folks that made some pretty cool integrations!

(As always, hover over the links for commentary and excerpts.)

  1. Plugging in Power Tools
  2. Tom Parker creates Docket, a tool (that you can use/adapt) for directing beemergencies to a Todoist list
  3. “How I decide what to do”
  4. Multiple people featured in the book The Habitual Hustler mention Beeminder as one of their secrets of successful independent entrepreneurship
  5. A post from coach.me on using Beeminder as one of the best ways to stick to your goals
  6. At Huffington Post, James Clear discusses how Victor Hugo beat procrastination to finish the Hunchback of Notre Dame — and credits Beeminder with some of the ideas
  7. Beeminder and StickK get some love in a list of tips for staying focused
  8. A bit of Beeminder love in the “About Us” section of CharityScience.com
  9. An article on Selfication about establishing “keystone habits” — recommending using Beeminder to track them
  10. A post from Max J Martin on Instrinsic motivation vs External Motivation (like Beeminder)
  11. David MacIver writes about doing less by doing more
  12. A post about improving health and happiness from the creators of lifelogging app, Instant
  13. A post from CollegeInfoGeek about how to have productive summer vacations
  14. Sam Stokes talks about why the flexibility of Beeminder goals work for him
  15. An article in Portuguese, says Beeminder, Forest, and Habitica are life-changing
  16. Another shout-out from RescueTime!
  17. Here is a nice blurb about us in this list of 5 tools for writers
  18. Beeminder shout-out in a Complice interview. Actually more than a shout-out, we’re one of the key ways Complice has grown!
  19. A Spanish-language post on how we’re one of the most popular apps for fitness
  20. A nice Beeminder discussion on Hacker News about avoiding weaseling
  21. We’re listed as a commitment tracker, along with things that aren’t (in the sense that we are) on this Bustle article
  22. A nice blurb for us on the French version of Epson’s site
  23. A very lovely testimonial for us on Duolingo’s comment section
  24. A personal reflection on disability & accessibility around using Beeminder for self-care and good habits
  25. Alex Strick van Linschoten on using Beeminder to finish his PhD
  26. A robot listed us on a list of bots
  27. We’re chuffed to be the most important app that connects with Withings according to Digital Trends’ write up on bathroom scales
  28. Shout-out for us and StickK by Belle Beth Cooper on the Zapier blog
  29. An article in Vietnamese, with shout-out at end
  30. A nice testimonial from openmedi in German and also another from them here — and also praise for Beeminder and Complice in German
  31. More love from Alex Strick about using us to finish his PHD
  32. We’re one of the productivity apps for students from the Orphan Survival Guide
  33. We’re on this list of wacky ways to beat procrastination by MakeUseOf
  34. A great post by 80,000 Hours on using Beeminder to build career capital
  35. Another great shout-out on the Habitica blog by Thomas Frank of CollegeInfoGeek
  36. A bit of Reddit love about using Beeminder to write
  37. A nice detailed post from Alan Will about setting up Beeminder goals, and two tweets from him
  38. A post linking to us as a way to stop procrastinating
  39. A post on saying “screw inspiration” and getting real work done every day
  40. A nice bit of love for us on Reddit
  41. A post on increasing motivation to get more out of your day
  42. Discussion of Beeminder starting at 12:15 of this podcast about gamification for running and exercise
  43. A post about why giving up on giving up caffeine was worth $90
  44. A post on Reddit about Beeminder as a productivity tool
  45. Given our usual nerdy audience, it was interesting to see us on a football website. Less surprised when we found it was fantasy football — but it’s about using Beeminder to keep 40lbs off!
  46. Some Haskell code for integrating Beeminder with Wakatime
  47. A nice thorough review of us on GenTwenty
  48. A post about how to get past not being motivated by building support systems to subsitute for motivation
  49. Kathy Reid posts about her “life stack” including Beeminder
  50. Using Beeminder to write a hundred thousand words in 2016 — a progress report and the success post!
  51. This post mentions us for the ambitious goal of reading 4 books a week (linked from GoodReads)
  52. RescueTime mentions our integration with Zapier on their blog
  53. Another RescueTime post on getting the most out of RescueTime with integrations
  54. A post from HackCollege on us as one of a few simple accountability tools
  55. A open-source piece of code for weekends off (or any other day-of-the-week) feature for the DIY set from AdrienLE
  56. The LYFE System Youtube channel has dozens of videos, many of which rave about Beeminder
  57. Another post from Alex Strick about using Beeminder to learn a language
  58. Here is a detailed, heartfelt post about life-changing beeminding from Lawrence Evalyn
  59. Life, Productivity, Faith
  60. A great post from Zapier on [being productive on someone else’s schedule](https://zapier.com/blog/be-more-productive-at-the-office/#busywork “Excerpt: While a boss’s disapproval is a looming “stick,” it’s usually not enough to motivate us through the smaller tasks and habits that really matter.”)
  61. A great recommendation on using Beeminder for NaNoWriMo
  62. We’re in good company here in this productivity toolkit list
  63. A neat meditation timer that pulls from InsightTimer and posts the minutes to Beeminder, on GitHub
  64. A small shout-out from CollegeInfoGeek in their podcast on How to Make Time for Creativity
  65. A pretty great description of Beeminder by Echo Nolan calling us “willpower as a service”
  66. We’re last but not least in this list of new year’s resources
  67. Beeminder as an antidote to Blue Monday
  68. We’re on this Spanish-language podcast
  69. Nice (twin) articles in Mac World and PC World
  70. A short post titled “This is a job for Beeminder”
  71. Someone used a dummy post to weasel on their Beeminder goal, and then didn’t follow through! Perhaps they should go fix that now that we’ve featured it here?
  72. A personal story about Beeminding porn sobriety
  73. There are a fair amount of tweets (in many languages) from folks not waking up on time
  74. A Livejournal post about using (and not succeeding) at using Beeminder to show up to work on time, also at dreamwidth
  75. A post all about Fitbit with a bit of a Beeminder mention from Russell Davies
  76. A good post from Selfication on loss aversion as motivation
  77. Lots of Beeminder love in this Hacker News comment thread about Systems vs Goals
  78. High praise for the Beeminder blog by none other than Gary Wolf at Quantified Self
  79. We’re #15 in this list of top websites for New Year’s Resolutions
  80. An example of our makeshift affiliate program special discount links for our friends to give to their audiences
  81. We’re on a list of apps for New Year’s Resolutions
  82. Yet another post from Alex Strick about resetting his baseline caffeine consumption
  83. A post about falling off the writing wagon with Beeminder, from silverdrag0n and shamelessly using the “flat spot” to catch up on other to-dos! and another one from silverdrag0n
  84. A new Zapier-like integration service, Apiant that has Beeminder as an integration. We haven’t tried it yet, have you?
  85. A small mention of us in German comparing us to a German commitment service
  86. A really great testiomonial from Aja Blokov who talks more about using it to keep track of goals than to worry about threat of giving up money
  87. Tons more on Twitter, which we’ve conveniently collected by clicking “like” on all of it. (Wow, 1290 total tweets about us that we’ve noticed.)

Phew! Thanks everyone! If you’re included in that list — or should’ve been! — let us know and we’ll send you stickers and do more social-media’ing and whatnot about you.



[1] Fun fact: We don’t cherrypick and this includes the mean/dissenting things too, of which there is maybe exactly one.


Image credit: bumblebeelovesyou on Flickr