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Pendleton Roundup, Press Roundup

This is our 14th press roundup! The internet seems to just keep on loving us. We’re very touched! Our last one was a year ago, making this one pretty much a 2019 year-in-review, Beeminder-buzz-wise. (Speaking of years-in-review, we also collected a list of things Beeminder did in 2019 on the forum.)

Without further ado, here’s a short list of the links we’re most excited about:

  1. Wired has an article on four of the best life hacks from the world’s extreme productivity gurus and Beeminder is discussed in the “high-stakes hacker” section. (Also features Beeminder’s friend and integration partner, Complice.)

  2. Peter Allen has a brilliant video outlining the features of Beeminder and describing how he uses it.

  3. Tim Ferriss praised Beeminder in his podcast as a good tool for sticking to your goals. He discusses Beeminder in the context of shame and loss aversion being a powerful motivator.

  4. Thomas Frank continues to talk about Beeminder and the role it plays in his own productivity, including a video on the Importance of Habits. We’re also featured prominently in 8 Best Habit Tracking Apps of 2019. And we’re featured in College Info Geek’s 40 Best Apps for Students.

  5. The Cool Tools podcast interview with our friend Lillian Karabaic has an amazing Beeminder testimonial.


And, for completeness, below is a list of everything else we’ve come across that we believe to have been written by bona fide humans about Beeminder. Actually, we raised the bar a bit this time and jettisoned low-effort listicles or things that seemed to be mentioning Beeminder perfunctorily. But, as usual, there’s no cherry-picking. It’s really this unanimous that we’re this great. Hover over the links for dates, commentary, excerpts. (PS: We did scrounge up a couple negative ones in the list below. Haters rejoice!)

  1. Alex Strick van Linschoten blogged about using Beeminder to learn programming

  2. Beeminder is on a list of the 5 Best Habit Tracking Apps for 2019. It mistakenly claimed Beeminder is iOS-only (now corrected!) but otherwise has a nice synopsis of Beeminder. (Also features Beeminder’s friend and integration partner, Habitica.)

  3. Prasanna Kumarr wrote about their journey reading Infinite Jest, using Beeminder to keep themself on track

  4. Podcast that plugs Beeminder for household chores

  5. Cameron Chaleff documented building a physical Beeminder check-in button

  6. Phil Newton blogged periodic checkins on their major 2019 goals, often involving Beeminder

  7. Beeminder and Habitica on Joshua Hollings’s blog

  8. There are new posts tagged Beeminder on Quantified Self including talks by the Beeminder founders

  9. Combining RescueTime with Beeminder to form a healthy surfing habit

  10. A handy outline/summary of Nick Winter’s Motivation hacker mentions Beeminder, naturally

  11. “How to be a Bawse”

  12. How to Stop Procrastinating on College Info Geek has a nice section on Beeminder

  13. Using Beeminder to blog more in 2019

  14. A list of gamification apps which Beeminder sort of counts as

  15. 42 hacks to improve your productivity

  16. An Australian newspaper article on how to set commitments

  17. Tie Yourself to The Metaphorical Mast

  18. 7 Ways to Stay Accountable to Your Language Learning Goals (and Never Give Up)

  19. 25 Most Effective Anti-Procrastination Apps for Laser-Sharp Focus

  20. 7 tracking apps to break habits and create better ones

  21. Art of Manliness Podcast on lifehacking apps

  22. Kathy Reid mentions her use of Beeminder in her Quantified Self workflow

  23. Beeminder endorsed in the most recent Center for Applied Rationality Handbook

  24. Panel Discussion: How to be more productive

  25. A podcast on habits as compound interest which mentions Beeminder

  26. Another College Info Geek Article on Finding Time and Motivation for Working out in College

  27. Thomas Frank mentions his use of Beeminder in an interview with fellow productivity Youtuber Matt D’Avella

  28. Goal Setting & Achievement

  29. Nadi De Angelis’s favorite apps and gadgets

  30. Beeminder on Withings’s partners page

  31. Reddit AMA with Joseph Reagle and the Beeminder founders and Danny O’Brien

  32. Nick Winter on Success Spirals

  33. Life hacking: the Californian tech bro approach to self-help

  34. Wanikani + Beeminder = Pledge money to keep your review queue down! (so much hate in the comments!)

  35. BDSM inspired productivity and self improvement tips, tricks and tools?

  36. There’s a Beeminder GoodReads group

Last but not least — and with way too many testimonials to list — there’s everything we’ve noticed people say about us on Twitter and of course an amazing amount of love in the Beeminder forum.