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We’re such press darlings! This is our fifth big press roundup. For the sake of completeness (and because I’m certain you’re terribly eager to read every word of all our press coverage ever), here are the previous four:

  1. Press Roundup: What’s the Buzz?
  2. Beeminder Buzz at 30,000 Feet, and other New Year’s Coverage
  3. Beeminder Buzz: Front Page of the Wall Street Journal
  4. Another Press Roundup Part Deux, Revisited: Return of the Beeminder Buzz Returns Again!

(In case you didn’t diligently click each of those, the bragworthy highlights are full features in Lifehacker, Portland Business Journal, Runner’s World Online, Southwest Airlines’ inflight magazine, plus blurbs in Forbes and TechCrunch and SHAPE magazine. And the front page of the Wall Street Journal, in case we didn’t make a big enough deal out of that one.)

But on to the latest Beeminder buzz, which we’re going to be lazier about this time and just dump into a huge numbered list. Special mention goes to a couple instances of Beeminder on national television, first as part of a crazy media frenzy around the Beeminder founders and more recently a mention on PBS.

Without further ado, here’s the full list since last time. Hover over the links for excerpts and comments!

“Special mention goes to a couple instances of Beeminder on national television”

  1. Jess Whittlestone’s “Make Yourself Accountable”
  2. Tomasz Wegrzanowski’s “5 Months with Beeminder” and, later, “Beeminding the un-Beemindable”
  3. Beeminder got a little bit of attention as sideliner to all the press around yootling (Danny and Bethany are odd)
  4. Bethany and Danny and Michelle Garrison are quoted as experts in a LiveScience article about fitness trackers for kids
  5. In Czech, an article about someone else beeminding UVIs
  6. This article on AmericanExpress.com sends us lots of traffic (adapted from a previous article in Forbes)
  7. Henrik Wist blogs about his blogging workflow with Beeminder and Trello
  8. How to track an Instapaper queue with Beeminder
  9. This post about waking up early mentions Beeminder as a possible way to commit to getting up early
  10. The Fat Cyclist started a big weight loss competition with Beeminder’s help
  11. This Fat Cyclist contestant blogged the beginning of the contest
  12. Ben Eills wrote a Memrise integration
  13. A true fan talks about Beeminder, Emacs, and mental illness
  14. Beeminder for Emacs
  15. Jess Whittlestone talks about talking to strangers
  16. A Russian article about weight loss with Beeminder
  17. RescueTime added an FAQ item about our integration
  18. A more detailed followup to the previous post from Inconsistent Universe
  19. Beeminding building a game a week
  20. Another way to beemind commits
  21. Adventures in Meditation
  22. Nice Hacker News comments about Beeminder on the post “Write Code Every Day” and more Beeminder love in Hacker News comments and even more
  23. An aside about beeminding fixing annoying broken things about your laptop
  24. In Russian, a blog post about beeminding productivity with RescueTime
  25. Julia Galef recommends using a commitment device like Beeminder in this article on financial procrastination
  26. Emacs interface for Beeminder
  27. Really nice blurb about us from Thomas Frank
  28. A bot to keep an eye on Beeminder bounties
  29. Paul Fenwick writes up his open source IFTTT-like Exobrain
  30. New competitor on LifeHacker has some Beeminder love (sort of) from the author in the comments
  31. Exobrain’s HabitRPG + Beeminder glue
  32. Dan Lucraft’s “Against an Originalist Interpretation of My Beeminder Goals”
  33. Misha Rybalov’s amazing Quantified Self presentation about Beeminder and a post and notes from the meetup Misha presented at
  34. David MacIver’s Feedthebee
  35. A bunch more love from RescueTime
  36. Beeminder is an Open Company
  37. A Beeminder calendar!
  38. “Apps To Change Financial Behavior”
  39. Jess Whittlestone’s crosspost includes a nice Beeminder intro
  40. We’re in this list of anti-procrastination methods and websites
  41. Moves integration for Beeminder
  42. Kyle Marek-Spartz wrote Mindfeed
  43. A Spanish blog post about personal goals
  44. A post about the procrastination equation
  45. In Spanish, a long post about personal beeminding
  46. Louie Helm’s “How To Automatically Track Anything With Beeminder” on the CFAR blog, also pointed to from Rockstar Research
  47. Here’s another small step towards making beeminding UVIs part of startup culture and more from the same blog on Beeminder as tool and meta-tool
  48. Another mention from MakeUseOf
  49. More Metafilter love
  50. Mixed reviews here of our iOS app but the good ones are really good
  51. We’re thanked by the Garrison Lab
  52. High praise from Sandy Maguire in the section “Fear and Loathing of Beeminder”
  53. In Spanish, using Beeminder to write a book and more praise from the author here and yet another, about success spirals
  54. We’re one of two apps in this list from CollegeInfoGeek that changed the author’s life
  55. Discussion of Beeminder and StickK
  56. A how-to article about habit formation
  57. Another Lifehacker mention
  58. Josh Varty helping spread the Maniac Week meme
  59. We were on PBS! (and cued up to the Beeminder mention)
  60. Inconsistent Universe’s “Beeminding Mental Illness: Redux”
  61. We’re 2 of these 6 (with GTBee) best goal-tracking apps to kick your butt
  62. We made the Daily Zen List
  63. More maniacking, this time by Brent Yorgey
  64. Some Beeminder love in the Duolingo subreddit
  65. Mirabai Knight blogging about successfully beeminding less junk food for a year
  66. Justin Weiss praises us in this Ruby on Rails podcast
  67. In Russian, an article about using Beeminder for writing
  68. In German, in print in Games Aktuell
  69. We sure heart David MacIver
  70. Chris Tubb’s “Gamify Yourself”
  71. Some random love on Pinterest
  72. More love from Paul Fenwick

Phew! We’ll conclude with… literally any random sentence because there’s no possible way any human actually made it to the bottom of that list!