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Factorization diagram for 1 through 36

It’s one thing to see a gushing testimonial from someone in the honeymoon phase of using Beeminder. Professor Brent Yorgey [1] wrote such a post in 2013 (“Beeminder has changed my life”) in which he detailed the myriad ways he was using Beeminder after discovering it 6 months prior.

A whole other level of awesome is seeing Brent Yorgey follow up three years later with a new heartfelt ode, “In Praise of Beeminder”.

It seems “life-changing” was no exaggeration. He credits Beeminder with completing his PhD, becoming a fancypants professor, maintaining two blogs, learning ancient Hebrew, losing 15 pounds, and coming within a factor of 2 of the world record for the 500m swim.

That is true love. And from our perspective, talk about having a positive impact on the world! Such a good feeling!

And, now, even though it’s anticlimactic, here’s a roundup of all the other things we’ve noticed people saying about us around the internet (pretty much all good things, strangely!) since last time:

  1. Slowly Hacking My Way to “Having Written” and a couple other posts by Silverdrag0n: Nerdly Editing Tools and Progress Update
  2. Floris Kleijne is using Beeminder to write 100K words in 2016: January update (forgot to include this one in the last press roundup) and March update
  3. Some nice little case studies: January Habit and February Habit … oops, but they archived their goals. Sad face!
  4. Nice little testimonial and case study on Reddit
  5. Taskwarrior Pomodoro Beeminder Incrementer on GitHub
  6. Discussion of a new Beeminder competitor on Hacker News which includes people saying nice things about Beeminder
  7. Andy Brett making the case for Beeminder even when you’re wholly non-akratic
  8. The Beeminder founders’ 15 minutes of fame won’t seem to quite die, and sometimes pays dividends in Beeminder buzz, like this link-baity post on Time.com with the key phrase being “Bizarre but Possibly Brilliant”
  9. Another case study from a blog with another update
  10. Shoutout for us and Pact
  11. Our CTO Bee = “crazy coder”
  12. We were featured again on Mark Forster’s Get Everything Done blog
  13. Beeminder: A Healthy Sting
  14. “Breathes Books” beeminds reading
  15. Small mention in this post on Epson’s quantified self gadget
  16. Beeminder recipe on Workflow.is
  17. Nice little mention along with StickK in a Fortune article on behavioral economics
  18. New and improved version of the Beeminder client for Emacs
  19. Article with a list of productivity apps in Spanish that got a surprising amount of attention on Twitter
  20. Look what Alyssa Baybayan designed for us
  21. An Instapaper to Beeminder IFTTT recipe
  22. How To Become a Flossing Superhero is a wonderful testimonial and pitch for Beeminder
  23. Shout-out from our friend DollarFlipper and another
  24. 10 great productivity tips to GTD (an old one we missed)
  25. Another one in Spanish with a small mention
  26. Glowing review as #8 in this list of the top 15 mobile self-help apps
  27. How To Stop Procrastinating Using Science
  28. Commitment Devices: The Strategy of Binding Yourself to Future Actions
  29. Nice little shout-out aside in this otherwise unrelated Racket tutorial
  30. Haskell implementation of the Beeminder API! by Daniel Wagner
  31. The Ultimate Guide To Gamification: How To Trick Yourself Into Being More Productive (another old one we missed before)
  32. Change Maker: Thomas Frank of College Info Geek
  33. We made this person’s list of daily tools
  34. The direct link to this only works if you’re logged in to Habitica but huge thanks to them for featuring us on the Habitica API page and sending a steady little stream of new users!
  35. Someone thanking Beeminder on Instagram for helping get a book written
  36. A very nice Beeminder testimonial on YouTube
  37. Someone beeminding some mad skillz acquisition
  38. David MacIver’s Bee Log
  39. How To Fit Creativity Into Your Day (more of an implicit endorsement but they do have a link to us in the part about accountability)
  40. We’re one of Top 10 Self Help Apps for Android Phones according to that blog
  41. Make Yourself Known
  42. Beeminder Experiment
  43. We were this university’s app of the day
  44. Nice pitch for using Beeminder in academia
  45. We’re #148 in this impressive compilation of email tricks
  46. Small Beeminder endorsement in a long self-help article
  47. Graphing Gains
  48. Motivational Tools Are Only As Strong As You Are
  49. Oh, and here’s a whole museum’s worth of people talking about us on Twitter
  50. And last but not least, we’re very excited about the new blog Micro(chip)managed, which includes a glowing testimonial and overview of Beeminder as its second post

PS: You can hover over all those links for commentary.



[1] Actually he wasn’t a professor then. That required years more beeminding. We’re being quite serious! Read on.

Also, if you don’t know Brent Yorgey, he’s well-known in the Haskell community and especially famous for inventing factorization diagrams, a sampling of which are in the title image of this blog post, and to which the previous link is an especially mesmerizing implementation.