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  • Force Majeure, and a lightning bolt (that unexpectedly zaps you, providing legitimate grounds for pausing your yellow brick road)
  • That's right, this is a dog dressed as a bee -- got a problem with that?
  • The Beeminder bee walking down the yellow brick road to akrasia-free bliss
  • A boogle of weasels
  • A close up of a circuit board
  • graph of our exponential pledge schedule: $0, $5, $10, $30, $90, $270, $810, $2430
  • An unfinished / unpolished Beeminder bee, being beeminded.
  • GTBee screenshot
  • Someone wearing a shirt that says, printed upside down, 'If you can read this call my sponsor'
  • A little anthropomorphic ruler
  • New England Journal of Medicine, a cigarette, Beeminder, a carrot
  • An ostrich
  • An Elephant and its hapless Rider
  • Dead bees
  • Two chickens. The first one says: You've got a problem with avoiding personal accountability. The second one replies: Ya, and whose fault is that?
  • A bee driving an ice cream truck through a loop of rope
  • A bee holding the Beeminder logo and the book _How To Change_
  • Bee self-blackmailing, i.e., sending itself a black piece of mail
  • Bee riding the Manifold.markets logo