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  • A calendar with gold stars on it, seinfeld-hack style
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  • Homer with donuts, etc, on the brain
  • A kid grabbing a marshmallow off a plate
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  • Toggl hourglass
  • Dog dressed as a hot dog
  • A vat with a lot of liquid flowing in and a trickle flowing out
  • A bee holding notes and books and such
  • A bee staring at a diagram of a control system
  • A dirty bee with a can of stink-bee-gone
  • A dirty human stick figure with a can of stink-bee-gone
  • A person solving problems on a blackboard, and also a drawing of a bee
  • A robotic bee in a sea of books
  • A slightly disheveled college student surrounded by books and study materials
  • Two honeypots: one full of big rocks and the other full of little pebbles