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Jimmy Jet's parents watching Jim.

“I’m akratic about how little TV I watch.”

I might be the single most bizarre akratic on earth but I’ve noticed that I waste tons of time on stupid little distractions, yet rarely watch movies or TV. Sitting down to do so seems like such an extravagant use of time! I’ve already wasted so much of it! I can’t possibly take 2 hours to watch a movie until I get a little more caught up on work, I admonish myself. I never get it through my head that I waste much more time, in aggregate, on stupid things. And there are a lot of movies that really seem worth the time. Plus it’s good to just, y’know, relax now and then. In other words, I’ve decided I’m akratic about how little [sic] TV I watch.

Over the past 5+ years, I’ve averaged 1.8 hours/week being passively entertained (not counting youtube and such at my computer). I’ve decided to try forcing myself to spend at least that much:

And as you can see, I now have an emergency passive entertainment day. Of course it’s also an emergency blog post day (hi!) and also hack night (pomodoro poker!), so it looks like I’ll be derailing on the entertainment goal. We’ll see what kind of a pledge it takes to make me take it seriously…


PS: Our next blog post will be an exciting announcement. Stay tuned, so to speak!

Image credit: Shel Silverstein