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  • Nature shot of sedimentary rock
  • Crowded City Sidewalks by Sandra Silberzweig
  • Odysseus and the Sirens, by John Waterhouse
  • A calendar with gold stars on it, seinfeld-hack style
  • Jimmy Jet's parents watching Jim.
  • 'Thinking Outside the Box' by Duy Huynh
  • Cover of 'The Motivation Hacker' by Nick Winter
  • An unfinished / unpolished Beeminder bee, being beeminded.
  • Turtle hiding in its shell
  • Bee smiling and waving maniacally at the camera
  • Bee kitchen timer
  • Whiteboad at the beehive
  • Bees in a triangle
  • Calendar with days crossed off
  • Screenshot of Mirabai Knight's goal gallery with 9 green goals.
  • The cover of Neil's book
  • Sketch of the original Mechanical Turk
  • Padded cell that says 'Committed?'
  • Winnie the Pooh with his head stuck in a jar of honey
  • A plate with food left on it, formed into a face
  • Kim at the culmination of her Jazz event
  • Zach with the Beeminder-branded button
  • Reeves giving QS18 talk
  • Bee on a shopping spree
  • Bee looking at string on finger with lightbulb above head
  • An adorable bee knitting
  • A bee in a forge
  • Katy Perry and Elmo saying yes/no to each other