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The Wall Street Bull

Exciting news about Beeminder today: we’re on the front page of the Wall Street Journal! [1] It’s an interesting little write-up about the Quantified Self movement as “digital mother” — capturing Beeminder’s relationship to Quantified Self beautifully — and features one of our favorite beeminders (Okay, we have a lot of favorite beeminders, don’t be jealous), Reto Stamm.

Roundup of Other Press

Since we went to the trouble of blogging it, we’d better do a roundup of other press since the last time we did this, namely, when we had our full-page feature in Southwest Airlines magazine in January.

  • Fatcyclist beeminds his weight, and links to his Beeminder weight graph in the sidebar of his blog. He also tweeted his graph every day as he beeminded his way to belying his name, which has been a pretty big deal for us.
  • Productivity author Michael Linenberger wrote about arbitrary deadlines and Beeminder. If you like Beeminder you’ll probably love Linenberger’s systems — they jibe with ideas from Beeminder, such as the akrasia horizon (10 days in Linenberger’s system instead of Beeminder’s 7).
  • Long-time beeminder Jake Jenkins made a touching case for signing up for a Beeminder premium plan.
  • Brent Yorgey wrote another heart-felt post about his now six-month tenure with Beeminder and how literally life-changing it has been for him.

“Not cherry-picked, we promise!”

And for completeness, here’s everything else we know of since January: Mirabai Knight writes about akrasia and Beeminder and what she beeminds, Robin Ryder writes about beeminding your resolutions, Quantified Savagery gives Beeminder and Lift as examples of tools applying the science of behavior change, our esteemed co-founder guest blogs at Productivity in Context, here’s a fancy infographic from Betterment where we’re paired with Lift again, a tiny TechCrunch mention (not to be confused with our big TechCrunch mention in January), Beeminder in Spanish, Beeminder in German, and in Spanish again, Brian Ogilvie blogged about his weight loss plans with Beeminder and is still going strong (not cherry-picked, we promise! nothing in this list has been culled for being a failure story), Jana Beck featured Beeminder in a Quantified Self talk, Allison of The Muse Garden has a wonderful write-up of Quantified Self, featuring Beeminder, an old MetaFilter post that we forgot to include last time includes a nice Beeminder testimonial, our esteemed co-founder (again) gives an interview with Voxus PR, we made the front page of Hacker News again for Gitminder, here’s some praise of Beeminder by Liora Hess (including why we’re better than StickK), Beeminder as an extreme example of Dogfooding Until It Hurts in the Fog Creek blog, a blurb about Beeminder in a list of tools for combatting ADHD, a blurb about how Beeminder understands goal-setting, an awesome writeup of lots of Beeminder goals, a testimonial on Reddit, a post by a mathematician talking about the principles behind Beeminder’s yellow brick road, Muflax’s blog uses a thumbnail of his Beeminder graph as an ETA to next blog post, Beeminder is featured in Fitbit’s app gallery, Ian Ross wrote a review of Beeminder and the war on Akrasia, here’s the actual printed front page of the Wall Street Journal article about us, and, finally, we have a new competitor, Saga, who kindly blogged about us.


[1] We’re below the (literal) fold, but still, it’s the front page. It’s the A-hed, to use WSJ’s jargon.