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Wednesday, September 5, 2012
By dreeves

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We’re delighted to announce that the Beeminder API is now open to the public! Before you dive into the full documentation, let’s start with a taste of this beeliciousness. First, grab your personal auth token from Let’s pretend it’s TOOLEGIT. You can now add a data point to your graph from the command line like so:

curl --data 'auth_token=TOOLEGIT&timestamp=1346774400&value=1&comment=api+test'

Programmatic adding of data points is the biggie but the API supports most of everything else you can do from the website. [1] In fact, our soon-to-be-announced Android and iPhone apps use our API. (UPDATE: Android/iPhone announcement.) For that kind of fanciness, we support oauth as well as the dirt simple personal auth tokens like in the above example.

Our amazing beta users [2] of the Beeminder API have already done some wonderful things with it:

Some of the above use the kludgetastic alpha version of the API and haven’t been converted yet. We’ll try to get everyone to publish their hacks and mashups — perhaps to — when they upgrade to the new API.

UPDATE: More tools people are building with the Beeminder API (as Ezra Bradford points out, we should dub this the Apiary!)…

Finally, here’s a list of devices and apps we plan to integrate with [3] but, as you can see, there are more than we can get to in a reasonable time. (See also our previous list of tracking apps.) So don’t wait for us — start mashing things up!

UPDATE: We moved the list of upcoming integrations to the Beeminder forum.



[1] Please let us know if there’s something you want to automate that the API doesn’t yet support!

[2] Special thanks to John Millikin for finding a small security hole!

[3] Devices and apps we currently integrate with: TagTime, Withings, GreenGoose, Tallybee, RunKeeper, Gmail. UPDATE: Trello, Fitbit, RescueTime, Github. ANOTHER UPDATE: See the bottom of for the full list.


Image credit: Buzzbee the Robot Bee by Pete, aka buildersstudio on Etsy.

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