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Wednesday, October 23, 2013
By Andy Brett

More Jawbone UPs than you could shake a stick at

The Jawbone UP was at the top of our list for the next device to add to our ever growing list of integrations.

Jawbone recently released the second generation of their UP wristband and, along with it, an open API. We even saw them get best of show (sort of) in this talk at the Quantified Self Global Conference in San Francisco earlier this month.

You can use this integration to track your steps, weight, sleep, or active time. The UP can track quite a few more metrics than this, but we’re starting with these; if you want another one in particular to be added next, leave us a note in the comments or by email. After you choose the Jawbone data set, Beeminder will go fetch all of your historical data. Your Yellow Brick Road starts today, so just keep using your Jawbone like you normally do and your Beeminder graph will update automatically.

The first time you set up a Jawbone goal, you’ll be prompted to allow Beeminder to access your Jawbone data; this is a one-time step. You can create a Jawbone-linked goal by selecting “Jawbone” from the drop down when you set up a goal, or create one now:

Create a Jawbone Goal

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  • kenckar

    I am using Beeminder with my Jawbone Up 24 for a sleep goal. I think it is capturing the total time in sleep mode rather than total sleep time. Is there a way to capture total sleep time? Certainly, the data is captured by the band.


  • bsoule

    Ah yeah, looks like we are taking the total duration in sleep-mode. Maybe I’ll make that today’s UVI.

  • kenckar

    Sweet. Thanks very much.

    Also I noticed the other day that I slept x hours, then took a y hour power nap. Y is what was sent to Beeminder. I would think that it would should have gone in as X+Y.

  • Daniel Reeves

    For “time in sleep mode” vs “actual time sleeping” I don’t think we can just change that on people. The latter you don’t have as much direct control over so that might not be the metric you actually want to beemind. Probably the user should get the choice of which metric.

    But whichever way it’s counted I definitely think we should be counting the total time, not skipping naps (or worse, counting the nap and skipping the nighttime sleep!).

  • bsoule

    So, we wound up fixing the thing with multiple sleeps, but leaving the in-bed vs asleep time alone, for now anyhow.

  • kenckar

    Completely agree that you can’t just change it on people. I think the option would be great.

    Even though people do not have direct control over how much sleep they actually get, that would be much harder to game. It’s also more important in terms of health.

    Anyway, thanks for the first fix.


  • kenckar

    The jawbone link seems to be broken. Mine has not updated since May 5

  • bsoule

    Hey Kenckar, it looks like you figured it out in the meantime. We screwed up and didn’t respond to Jawbone’s Heartbleed measures in time, and they invalidated all our tokens. We’ve since emailed all the people, and it looks like your goals are updating correctly now?

    I’ll see if there’s extra data needs imported for them.