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Pictures of the old Jawbone UP devices

SAD TROMBONE UPDATE 2021: Jawbone up and died in 2017 and shut down fully in 2018. This blog post is now of historical interest only.

The Jawbone UP was at the top of our list for the next device to add to our ever growing list of integrations.

Jawbone recently released the second generation of their UP wristband and, along with it, an open API. We even saw them get best of show (sort of) in this talk at the Quantified Self Global Conference in San Francisco earlier this month.

You can use this integration to track your steps, weight, sleep, or active time. The UP can track quite a few more metrics than this, but we’re starting with these; if you want another one in particular to be added next, leave us a note in the comments or by email. After you choose the Jawbone data set, Beeminder will go fetch all of your historical data. Your Yellow Brick Road starts today, so just keep using your Jawbone like you normally do and your Beeminder graph will update automatically.

The first time you set up a Jawbone goal, you’ll be prompted to allow Beeminder to access your Jawbone data; this is a one-time step. You can create a Jawbone-linked goal by selecting “Jawbone” from the drop down when you set up a goal, or create one now:

Create a Jawbone Goal