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  • 1. Submit Beeminder blog post to essay contest. 2. Wait a long time. 3. Profit.
  • A bee with a dollar sign hanging from a stick coming out of its head like a carrot
  • Bank error in your favor (monopoly card)
  • image of a burning dollar bill
  • graph of our exponential pledge schedule: $0, $5, $10, $30, $90, $270, $810, $2430
  • a woman in a gold/yellow dress exclaiming 'tada'
  • bundles of money stacked like dominos
  • brass scales with bees
  • standing on the scale
  • A person wearing a literal cap that says 'pledge'
  • a bee with the inscription 'bee free'
  • Three kinds of bees, beecause we're three!
  • Whiteboad at the beehive
  • New England Journal of Medicine, a cigarette, Beeminder, a carrot
  • Hunny pot cum money pot
  • Bee Free Infinity (with a picture of a bee)
  • Stylized credit card with infinibee
  • A five dollar bill with bees on it
  • six ducklings
  • Quantified Self Global Conference 2018 in Portland
  • A bee considering a fork in the road, leading to two piles of money, one for premium and one for pledges
  • A bee on a blockchain
  • A gas station sign advertising $9.999/gallon gas
  • A Bee in goggles with a bundle of gifts
  • A bee working on its budget