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A Bee in goggles with a bundle of gifts

We’re excited to be featured in a Humble Bundle!

If you’re already familiar with Humble Bundle you might associate them pretty heavily with gaming and therefore be slightly confused right now. So first off, no, we’re not pivoting into games; we’re still leaving that up to Habitica. But when Humble Bundle contacted us in December, it was with the idea of putting together some kind of personal improvement bundle, thinking ahead to new years and all the annual hullabaloo around Fresh Starts.

So while we’re normally kind of allergic to salesiness and self-promotion, anything that makes us feel like a bridal boutique associate working on commission, we were pretty excited to team up with Humble Bundle.

In case you don’t even need to be sold on this, click below to get the bundle:

The Healthy Habits Toolkit: Build successful routines for life

“Actually I need to be sold on this”

Ok, the deal (foreshadowing) with Humble Bundle is that they broker deals where you buy a bundle of software (often games) for a discount, and part of what you pay goes to charity. It’s a good deal for us, a good deal for the partners, a good deal for Humble Bundle, a good deal for you, and a good deal for the charity. Wheeee!

This bundle features us alongside RescueTime (which we integrate with!), RoboForm, and MoodFit in a bundle that benefits Active Minds and the Michael J Fox Foundation.

For $25 you get a discount on a premium subscription from the other three companies — 12 months of RescueTime, 90 days of MoodFit, and 12 months of RoboForm — and from Beeminder you get $10 of Honey Money, and as much extra honey as you want for 50% off. Basically it’s a BOGO deal: however much Honey Money you buy, you get again as much for free (plus the H$10 no matter what). The 50% off deal is a one-time offer, so if you expect to want more honey in the future, stocking up now saves a lot of money!

“Honey what now?”

For those just tuning in, Honey Money is basically Beeminder store credit. It’s good for our premium plans and you can also pay for derailments with it (or not, if that would spoil the power of Beeminder’s sting for you). Also you can gift it to other users with honeygrams, which might be a nice way to get someone you know started with Beeminder. You can even exchange honey for Manifold’s play-money currency, mana, and vice versa.


Whew. That was an awful lot of self-promotion for our tastes! To close out, here’s a palate cleanser in the form of twelve dumb bee puns:

  1. What is small, black and yellow, and drops things? A FUMBLEBEE
  2. What type of bee can’t make up its mind? A MAYBEE
  3. What do bees use to fix their hair? A HONEYCOMB
  4. What do you call a bee who’s having a bad hair day? A FRISBEE
  5. Where does a bee sit? ON ITS BEEHIND
  6. Why did the bee go to the dermatologist? IT HAD HIVES
  7. What kinds of bees can’t be understood? MUMBLEBEES
  8. What kind of bees live in graveyards? ZOMBEES
  9. What did the bee say to the flower? HI HONEY <3
  10. What do you call a wasp? A WANNABEE
  11. What do you call a bee that’s always complaining? A GRUMBLEBEE
  12. What do bees like to chew? BUMBLE GUM


PS: In case you had any doubts about how serious we are about this, check out the fancy Humble Bundle landing page we made. But if you just scrolled down here impulsively, you’ll want to actually buy the Humble Bundle first.