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A picture of a jellyfish on the November cover of Discover

It’s our 7th press roundup! [1] This time we wanted an excuse to show off our coverage in last month’s issue of Discover Magazine. The author (who also covered us in The Washington Post earlier this year) does a good job of making accessible the research on and the underlying causes of akrasia, and defending against the notion that it’s just a lack of willpower. And our esteemed cofounder, Dr. Reeves, is quoted alongside Professor George Ainslie. We’re happy to see this kind of journalism bringing the vocabulary of akrasia, time inconsistency, and irrational discounting to the masses.

Also in November we got to have a discussion with Beeminder users Alex Strick van Linschoten and co-host Matt Trevithick on their podcast Sources & Methods. Even if you’re not realistically going to listen to a podcast, the detailed show notes and links are worth perusing.

Other Beeminder buzz highlights include a small segment in a Dutch documentary about Quantified Self, some NaNoWriMo and MaBloWriMo love, and being featured in Trello’s integration gallery. We’re especially touched that the author of “I Will Teach You A Language” avers that thousands of words written on his blog over the past couple years are directly thanks to Beeminder. Finally, David MacIver’s “Services That Won’t Buzz Off” makes a wonderful point about Beeminder’s immunity to the problem many web services have that you start out strong but quickly fall off the wagon when life gets in the way. And not just Beeminder itself. His point is that you can use Beeminder as an antidote to that problem for any service you can connect it to.

For completeness, here’s the full list of all the Beeminder buzz we’ve come across since last time. As always, there’s no cherrypicking here. The lack of anti-Beeminder diatribes is in fact evidence that no such diatribes exist. Hover over the links for excerpts and comments!

  1. My Own Worst Enemy” is the article in Discover Magazine
  2. How to Stop Biting Your F*cking Nails
  3. The original article here is in Spanish: The Truth is Out There
  4. Beeminder can take credit for thousands of words written on “I Will Teach You A Language” over the last couple years
  5. Beeminder’s discussed around the 30 minute mark of this podcast
  6. Beeminder discussed at Barcamp Bangalore
  7. A blog post about starting a Beeminder weight goal
  8. A bit more love in some Hacker News comments
  9. A blog post about the Discover Magazine article
  10. We’re included in a nice list of tools at “I’m Better Today Than Yesterday”
  11. Grep for Beeminder in Sacha Chua’s Emacs config
  12. Here at the Beehive we consider edgeskating to be the highest form of beeminding, but Nick might disagree
  13. Tips for taking the “work” out of working out
  14. We’re in good company in this list of resources to help with employee procrastination
  15. Nice shout-out in this long Internet of Things article
  16. We’re #148 in this huge list of email tips and resources
  17. Using Beeminder to commit to MaBloWriMo (Math Blog Writing Month)
  18. Goal Tracking with Beeminder, from Books Are Time Machines
  19. A post in Estonian about reading and motivation: Why do you not read the books?
  20. Commitment devices for financial goals
  21. Malcolm Ocean mentions his power-beeminding in the “How to become a cyborg” section of this blog post about interfaces and biofeedback and the speed of brains
  22. Beeminder is featured (see 11m42s) in this Dutch documentary
  23. We’re in Trello’s integrations gallery!
  24. David MacIver writes about Services that Won’t Buzz Off
  25. Reading stats & recommendations from Alex Strick van Linschoten
  26. Beeminder + Pomodoro integration
  27. Will this one beemind their way to NaNoWriMo success this year?
  28. 30 apps to help you succeed at 2016
  29. A comprehensive personal lifehacking page by Alex Vermeer
  30. A tutorial on how to beemind pushups with the Beeminder Android app
  31. How betting can help you meet your goals



[1] If for some reason you are as obsessed with our press coverage as we are, you can find previous press roundups by looking at Beeminder blog posts tagged “buzz”. We usually write more interesting and occasionally less self-absorbed posts than this though, honest! Try our best-of posts.