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Tuesday, November 27, 2012
By Andy Brett

Some kind of bumblebee clock

UPDATE: Check out the announcement of Beeminder integration on the RescueTime blog.

A lot of people use RescueTime as a way to keep track of how they spend their working hours. While RescueTime is great for showing you how you currently spend your time, RescueTime combined with Beeminder is great for helping you spend it on the things you should be spending it on — the things you want to be spending it on.

So we’ve added RescueTime to our growing list of integrations. Thanks again to Reto Stamm who was ahead of the curve with a nice little script using the Beeminder API to automatically enter his own RescueTime data. Speaking of übernerdy ways to track your time, we’d be remiss not to mention our very own TagTime, but RescueTime is far friendlier.

If you’ve installed RescueTime then connecting it to Beeminder should be self-explanatory. Either use the button below or create a new goal on Beeminder and choose RescueTime as the goal type. You can beemind more Productive time, less Unproductive time, or track/limit any of the categories or activities that RescueTime knows about.

“Your Beeminder graph will update automatically.”

After you choose your RescueTime metric, Beeminder will go fetch your RescueTime data for the last month. Your Yellow Brick Road starts today, so just keep using RescueTime like you normally do and your Beeminder graph will update automatically.

Create a RescueTime Goal


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  • Clint B.

    How often does Beeminder get updated with the RescueTime data?

  • Daniel Reeves

    The glib answer is “as often as it needs to to make sure we don’t falsely accuse you of falling behind on your goal”. You can also force a sync with the refresh button above your Beeminder graph.

    The long answer is that it syncs before sending any reminder emails, and again at midnight. And if it’s an emergency day (you’re about to derail) then it checks more and more often as the deadline approaches, up to a frequency of 5 minutes.

  • apoikola

    I’m sorry, but for me it was not self explanatory how to make a goal to LIMIT time used in certain Rescue Time category such as email. I only manage to track categories in “do more manner”.

  • Daniel Reeves

    This was entirely our fault! We previously were (stupidly) trying to infer whether a RescueTime goal was a Do More or a Do Less. We now ask explicitly when creating the goal. Let us know if there’s still any confusion! And thanks for expressing this!

  • lnegoita

    I can’t seem to find the units with which Beeminder tracks RescueTime data. For example, if I commit to more productive time, and pledge a minimum of 30 per week–is that in hours (what I want), or in minutes? Thanks.

  • Daniel Reeves

    Hours is the answer (Thanks for the feedback that that wasn’t clear!)

  • lnegoita

    Thanks for the quick reply! I guess I was also able to figure that out between yesterday and today, by comparing my RescueTime account with Beeminder. Noting that somewhere would definitely be helpful though!