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  • Mmmphhle glrrg? What bag of chocolate the size of my ass?
  • Force Majeure, and a lightning bolt (that unexpectedly zaps you, providing legitimate grounds for pausing your yellow brick road)
  • Collage of Beeminder and its competitors, circa 2011/2012
  • 'Delayed Gratification' by James Surowiecki in the New Yorker
  • Lift's launch page image -- an elevator (lift) with a rocket thing on it
  • Odysseus and the Sirens, by John Waterhouse
  • Adorable plush ketchup and mustard dolls
  • The infinibee with a thought bubble with the Code School logo in it
  • Some kind of bee goddess in a flower
  • Bee kitchen timer
  • New England Journal of Medicine, a cigarette, Beeminder, a carrot
  • Slide from Bee's talk: Code. Eat. Sleep.
  • Complice logo
  • Paul Samuelson
  • Screenshot from a previous Maniac Week
  • Padded cell that says 'Committed?'
  • Reeves giving QS18 talk
  • A lock and chain
  • A skeptical cow
  • A bee driving an ice cream truck through a loop of rope
  • Pr(workout | Beeminder) = Pr(Beeminder | workout) * Pr(workout) / Pr(Beeminder)
  • Cents in a line
  • A bee holding the Beeminder logo and the book _How To Change_
  • Bee self-blackmailing, i.e., sending itself a black piece of mail
  • DALL-E image of a cartoon bee looking ill drinking a vial of a toxin
  • A cartoon bee committing hara-kiri on a hill
  • Katy Perry and Elmo saying yes/no to each other
  • A bee and a piggy bank and some tax documents
  • DIY Beeminder, involving a lot of shoestring
  • Bees in love, surrounded by honey and money