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  • A refrigerator.
  • Mmmm...
  • Caution: Blind Driver
  • A carrot on a stick
  • Literal backfiring
  • Kids warily checking out a tear-inducing torture device, aka a bathroom scale
  • graph of our exponential pledge schedule: $0, $5, $10, $30, $90, $270, $810, $2430
  • drawing of vegetables growing below the dirt and their leaves above
  • steep grade road sign
  • standing on the scale
  • person at a desk in the middle of a field with a big blue sky
  • 3 Epson wearable quantified self devices
  • Garmin wearable quantified self devices
  • Graph from the Hacker's Diet showing raw data with moving average overlaid
  • Person about to make a very easy soccer goal
  • Pacman
  • A plate with food left on it, formed into a face
  • All The Things
  • image of a hospital building
  • A skeptical cow
  • Wide load farm equipment
  • A literal road
  • A bee driving an ice cream truck through a loop of rope
  • A dead bee on a flat graph
  • The Beeminder logo crossed out
  • Days of the week with images for each themed eating day
  • A bee weighing itself, with a graph of its weight
  • A bee looking in the mirror