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Thomas Frank of College Info Geek

In case you missed our previous 12 press roundups (starting all the way back in 2012!), here they are: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, and twelve.

Now that you’ve clicked on each of those and read each article, blog post, blurb, and podcast, we can fill you in on all the buzz in the 7 or so months since our last press roundup!

Actually, we’re as overwhelmed by these lists as you (talk about nice problems to have!) so we’ll break it up. First is the list of things we’ve actually read and endorse, and then a list of everything else plus the kitchen sink. Definitely holler at us if we’ve relegated something of yours to the bottom list! We probably just didn’t get around to more than skimming it yet. Also, any negative press we may get is definitely going in the top list. No cherry picking here!

Actually Curated / Exciting Buzz

  1. We’ll start with an article we have major beefs with but that we suppose is a big deal because it’s in New York Magazine and our esteemed CEO was interviewed for it. Unfortunately it gets all sorts of facts wrong so we can’t recommend it too strongly. (Most jarring was the claim that “there’s a pretty big drop-off in users after they’re charged for the first time” when we specifically told the reporter the opposite: There’s a big drop-off before getting charged the first time, and especially before getting serious enough to actually create a goal. But >90% of people stick around after getting charged the first time!)
  2. Thomas Frank has a pretty amazing Beeminder testimonial in his video “6 Books That Completely Changed My Life” (the Beeminder-related book, of course, is Nick Winter’s The Motivation Hacker) and in his roundup of 21 apps that force you to be more productive, first and foremost of which is Beeminder. (“It is no exaggeration to say that Beeminder is one of the primary reasons why I have a successful YouTube channel today”)
  3. Not as glowing a recommendation, but Seth Godin linking to us in a post on the usefulness of made-up deadlines was also a big deal for us.
  4. Speaking of celebrity endorsements, Danny O’Brien, International Director of the EFF and coiner of the term “life hack” has been an avid Beeminder user for many years and had more to say about his beeminding recently (and again later and yet again).
  5. Beeminder is on a list of “The 10 Best Productivity Apps that use Gamification in 2018” which includes a nice synopsis of Beeminder (also this site seems to have driven a lot of traffic to Beeminder).
  6. Nick Winter sang Beeminder’s praises on Cody McLain’s podcast and we liked it so much we made a highly edited transcript.
  7. Professor Rosulek’s guide to starting a PhD is pretty great and includes a brilliant section on Beeminder and commitment devices more generally, including anecdotes from his own beeminding.
  8. There was an otherwise unremarkable article mentioning Beeminder that was also published in the Daily Mail and many other places around the internet, including in Spanish, so that turned out to be something of a big deal press-wise.
  9. Our esteemed cofounders (who are a married couple) were interviewed for an article about couples setting relationship goals (also includes Nick Winter stories).
  10. Maggie Delano had a brilliant presentation at Quantified Self 2018 about how she beeminded her way to completing her PhD: Quantified PhD: Self-Tracking 5000 Pomodoro Sessions


Barely Curated / Fainter Buzz

  1. Beeminder mentioned in The Economist’s 1843 magazine
  2. Macolm Ocean was also on Cody McLain’s podcast and Beeminder came up there too, of course
  3. Museless Aiming post about using Beeminder to commit to meditation
  4. Future of Life Institute Podcast (eloquent Beeminder plug starting at 20m38s, including comparison to a fictional version of Beeminder in Ready Player One, and the coining of the term “time bridge”)
  5. Keeping your quantified self honest with Exist.io, Beeminder, and Zapier
  6. Learning French with Lingvist by using Quantified Self Apps Beeminder, Zapier, and Exist Custom Attributes
  7. Ana Campos on her “go 100 times to the gym in one year” goal
  8. Ana Campos’s year-end followup to her post on beeminding going to the gym
  9. Beeminder on a list of “10 More Online Study Tools Every Student Should Know About”
  10. Don Bopearachchi says that Beeminder “gives [him] an incentive to get certain tasks done”
  11. Article in Russian that lists 6 Tools for Increasing Motivation
  12. Josh Pitzalis’s list of recommended apps includes “Beeminder for sticking to habits and commitments”
  13. A list of alternatives to, plus a description of, Beeminder
  14. A StackExchange user eloquently recommends Beeminder for academics for meeting writing goals
  15. Erik Johnson recommends his favorite tools “to give you your work week back”
  16. Aaron Gertler posted an nice review of his experience with Beeminder in Google Play
  17. Qlearly listed Beeminder in their app directory
  18. A nerdy WaniKani integration
  19. Beeminder is featured in Anomalily’s Life Stack: “the tools, apps, and services that I use to manage my work and life”
  20. Markos Giannopoulos explains how to track reading from Goodreads to Beeminder
  21. Dmitri Brereton on creating Habit Challenge, a competitor to Beeminder
  22. A pre-made IFTTT applet for updating Beeminder when a new photo is added to Instagram
  23. A Bash script for submitting data to Beeminder
  24. Set a time limit for learning to code with Beeminder
  25. Using Beeminder punishments in conjunction with Habitica’s rewards
  26. Beeminder’s listed Strava’s list of integrations
  27. Beeminder’s listed on Toggl’s list of integrations
  28. Vladyslav Sitalo on beeminding pomodoros
  29. A site in German about reaching goals that misspells but links to Beeminder
  30. How to make behavioral changes
  31. Professor Ned Block of NYU recommends Beeminder to young researchers
  32. Beeminder on a list of “25 anti-procrastination apps for work from home success”
  33. Post by Tomasz Wegrzanowski which mentions Beeminder as being peripheral to the system he’s describing
  34. Beeminder on a list of “smart business model ideas to copy”
  35. CollegeInfoGeek on “How to Actually Use Productivity Tips and Improve Your Life”
  36. Beeminder mentioned after a list of top productivity apps for Harvard students
  37. James Clear on the Rich Roll Podcast episode on “Why Habits Are the Compound Interest of Self-Improvement”
  38. Article in Portuguese that says “Beeminder is one of the most innovative tools for time management”
  39. Article in Spanish mentions that Beeminder is good if you’re motivated by punishment
  40. Beeminder “helps you map out your progress and only charges you if you fail to achieve success”
  41. Beeminder on a “curated list of apps and services using gamification”
  42. Beeminder mentioned in an article about BaaS
  43. Tina Marin’s post about “How To Use Beeminder to Become an Early Riser: Part 1” and Part 2
  44. Beeminder on a list of “10 Best Apps for Achieving Goals”
  45. Podcast with Beeminder discussed starting at 50m05s
  46. Beeminder on a list of “100 Resources for your Habit Forming Journey”
  47. Mention of Beeminder in an article about behavioral economics
  48. Post about using Beeminder to reach several goals in 2019
  49. List of “Top 31 Habit Tracking Apps” that says really nice things about Beeminder
  50. Beeminder is Michele Gregoire Gill’s second favorite habit app
  51. Sentence about Beeminder in article about how to “Set Yourself Up for Success in 2019”
  52. CBS local news segment on new year’s resolutions (Beeminder just mentioned in the accompanying article, not the news segment this time)
  53. Beeminder as an alternative to an accountability buddy
  54. Every Thomas Frank YouTube video that mentions Beeminder? Yay!
  55. Beeminder user training for a half-marathon
  56. Preview of a book, Hacking Life, coming out soon, that talks about Beeminder
  57. As always, Twitter is abuzz with Beeminder love
  58. And of course even more abuzz with love for Beeminder, though it’s a stretch to include this in a press roundup, is the Beeminder forum